Meche Marathon Flikr Slide Show


2 Responses to Gallery

  1. patrik potts says:

    hey uncle mark, i know we havent talked in awhile but i actally stumbled upon our website whilst looking at ALL website. i’m glad to see that your website is getting attention (even if it was on accident)! and the new wristbands look great, i still have the original but would like to add another to my repetiore. i wish you could have come down to cocodrie with us for easter weekend, it would have been great to see yall again. good luck with your races and the best of wishes from the Potts and Dubose family for alexander

  2. Jody Meche Potts says:

    Mark and Family,

    It’s race day and you have been on my mind. I just spoke with Kristin and she says you start at about 10:30. Just called you on your cell and I am so glad I got to talk to you.

    Good luck today and I’ll be praying and rooting for you.



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